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Tennis AceMate – Your Ultimate Tennis Training Companion!

🎾 Hone Your Skills Without A Partner

🎾 Suitable For All Skill Levels

🎾 Practice Anytime, Anywhere

🎾 Solo Practice Made Easy


Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, AceMate adapts to your skill level. It tailors exercises to match your proficiency, ensuring effective practice.


  • 1x AceMate Tennis Trainer Stand
  • 1x AceMate Ball
  • 1x AceMate Clip
  • 1x AceMate Rope


Step 1:
Fill the AceMAte with Water or Sand.

Step 2:
Fix the elastic rope with clip on the ball and place the base on any surface.

Step 3:
Enjoy a World's Best Solo Tennis Training Solution.

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Game On! Solo Tennis Practice Just Got Fun! No More Ball Hunts - Tennis AceMate Brings the Ball Back to You!

Tennis Lovers Rejoice! Solo Practice Made Effortless with Tennis AceMate

Are you ready to elevate your tennis game like never before? Imagine having a companion who's always up for a game, never misses a shot, and helps you improve your skills consistently.

Tennis AceMate eliminates the hassle of chasing tennis balls all over the court. Hit the ball, and it bounces right back to you, making solo practice not just easy but incredibly enjoyable. No more running, just pure, uninterrupted practice.

Perfect for Beginners! Serve Up Success from Day One!

If you are just starting out on your tennis journey, Tennis AceMate is all you need. It's a great way to dive into tennis practice without the hefty price tag of lessons. Say goodbye to expensive court rentals and hello to endless fun on the court!

Play Better, Win More!

Many tennis enthusiasts have noticed remarkable improvements in their game after using Tennis AceMate. It offers a fast-paced and challenging practice experience that's bound to sharpen your skills and make you a better player.

Tennis AceMate caters to all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned pros. Plus, it replicates the randomness and realism of a real opponent, ensuring every practice session feels like a thrilling match.

Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews
Callie E.

This little thing is a lifesaver. It's so much easier to use than to chase balls around the court. Not only do I enjoy using it but my kiddos also have had a blast with it. Great Buy!

Ava B.

Just received mine, and my child was over the moon excited to start practicing. It works like a charm.

Ethan R.

I bought this for my daughter's birthday, and she absolutely loves it. She's been using it to practice her tennis skills, and the results are already showing. It's a fantastic investment in her athletic development.

Liam M.

This little device is a lifesaver. It's incredibly easy to use, making it much simpler than chasing tennis balls all over the court. Not only do I enjoy using it, but my kids have a blast with it too. It's a great buy for anyone looking to up their tennis game!

Olivia H.

I've been using this to practice tennis on my own driveway, and it's a breeze to use. While it might be a bit challenging for those who've never played tennis before, with consistent practice, it becomes an excellent tool. It's cost-effective and adds a fun element to practice sessions.