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Your Lifesaver On the Go - The ChokeGuard Kit

🧳 Compact and portable

⏱️ Quick and Easy to Use

🏡 A Must-Have for Every Home

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Suitable for All Ages

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How to Save Lives at Home, Even If You've Never Been Prepared for Emergencies Before!

Be a Real-Life Hero – Your Loved Ones Need You!

Picture this: You're at home, enjoying a family dinner, or maybe out at a bustling restaurant with friends. Suddenly, someone starts choking. Panic sets in. 

But you? You're different. You've got our ChokeGuard Kit. 

You leap into action, secure the device in seconds, and with a swift pull, the obstruction is gone. 

Your loved one breathes freely again, and everyone is happy. That's the power of being prepared.

Super Quick and Easy to Use

Imagine a world where you never have to fear choking emergencies – where quick thinking and a handy device can turn a potential tragedy into a heartwarming success story. 

Whether you're a parent, grandparent, or just a caring friend, this ChokeGuard Kit is your trusty sidekick. It's so user-friendly anyone can use it. All you have to do is place, pull and push.

Life's Too Precious to Leave to Chance! Don't Be Caught Off Guard

Choking is no joke and can happen to anyone, anytime. With our ChokeGuard Kit, you're ready for anything. It's compact, lightweight, and always by your side.

You won't just react when the unexpected happens – you'll save lives.Join the ranks of real-life heroes and make safety a part of your everyday life. After all, every second counts and your loved ones deserve the best.

Customer Reviews

Based on 229 reviews
Carol R.

I bought a 3 pack of ChokeGuard for my family (I have young grandchildren) and had just given one to my 52 year old sister while she was in town for a visit. I got a panicked call from her from the hotel that a piece of steak was stuck in her esophagus and she was unable to move it up or down. I drove to the hotel and was able to put the ChokeGuard pieces together quickly. With 3 plunges, she was able to throw up the object. How fortunate we were that I had just given her a ChokeGuard! She was able to fly back to Colorado, and I have piece of mind knowing she took a ChokeGuard back with her!

Sarah M.

We carry ChokeGuard with us wherever we go! Having children, I knew it would provide us with peace of mind. We are immensely grateful that we had ChokeGuard when a choking incident involving a marble occurred. We successfully dislodged the marble, and I genuinely believe the outcome would have been different without it. We recommend it to everyone and can't wait to provide them to all our family members. We're also working on getting them for our local schools.

David R.

As a physician, I only endorse high-quality items that work effectively. ChokeGuard is a prime example! It's well-made and straightforward to use. I strongly advise against purchasing low-quality knockoffs (we bought a few for comparison), as each knockoff had quality issues. ChokeGuard, on the other hand, is a well-crafted item. I bought some for each household in my family, and we're currently working on getting them on our local ambulance and firefighter vehicles. An excellent product!

Emily B.

I can't recommend this product enough! My 2-year-old son choked on a large peppermint and was without air for at least a minute. Despite being CPR certified, I couldn't dislodge it. Just one pull with ChokeGuard, and it was sucked right out. My son is alive today because of this product!

Jessica S.

ChokeGuard is an incredible safety tool. We've had it in our home for years, and it came to the rescue when our niece choked on a small toy part. With ChokeGuard's quick action, we managed to dislodge the object and prevent a potential disaster.